For whom:

• For highly productive people who at times work under stressful conditions and who are looking for healthy alternatives to maintain their focus.

 What is it:

• A 4 days “stress free and  body and mind regeneration program” to be held at Jnane Tamsna (Marrakesh – Morocco) or any other host resort partner worldwide, providing a long term regenerative solution to high stress management compared to what currently exists.


NB: According to the company’s wish and needs, Life Forces will select and offer a beautiful venue worldwide that have created an atmosphere  that reconnect people, that reintroduce people to themselves and the world around them. 

•  For Morocco, Life Forces has chosen the serene venue of JNANE TAMSNA, located in an oasis near Marrakesh, 3 hours flight away from most European cites.

• Marrakesh, a cultural cross-roads with a long history of healing traditions, is the natural place to bring together optimal living approaches and regenerative methods from around the world. Just twenty minutes from the hustle and bustle of the alluring old Medina, there is a tranquil oasis called the Palmeraie, a place that maintains its rural charm while discreetly accommodating some of Marrakesh’s most exclusive properties.

• Nestled in the heart of the Palmeraie is our host resort in Marrakesh, Jnane Tamsna. True to its name (jnane means paradise garden) this unique boutique cultural hotel is spread across nine acres of date palms, olive groves and ornamental plants.

• With its aura of positive energy, inspiration and peace, Jnane Tamsna is the ideal venue for Life Forces retreats. Its core philosophy embraces living in tune with the laws and principles of Nature, making it a prime place to connect with life changing wellness experiences. Jnane Tamsna offers multiple areas for group activities, as well as private spaces to develop a personalized program of rejuvenation, wellness and optimal living.

• The property features many pathways for meditative walking that are conducive to achieving a more balanced and fulfilled state. During breaks from the Life Forces program, guests can enjoy the five swimming pools, clay tennis court and five km exterior running track.

• The cuisine at Jnane Tamsna is rooted in the tradition of healthy Mediterranean diet, with an emphasis on organic fruits and vegetables, Atlantic Ocean fish, lean meat and culinary herbs, all sourced locally. The fresh food you consume during a Marrakesh Life Forces retreat is savory, yet free of sugar, gluten and dairy products, making it the perfect dietary complement to the rest of the program.

• Jnane Tamsna is the place for Life Forces participants to regain contact with their true self and inner being.